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Droplr for Windows Gets a Makeover

Fall brings changing colors, pleasant conditions, and a Droplr for Windows makeover. A new season has also arrived with the Droplr for Windows 3.3.3 release. The team has been hard at work to deliver significant improvements to the look and functionality of the Windows app.

Streamlined Visuals

This Droplr for Windows update includes a complete overhaul of the app’s interface. The barren tray menu is now replaced with a full featured tray window that makes it easy to scan your drop history, create new drops, change settings and view account info. If you have used our app for MacOS you will see familiar visual elements in this new release. This synergy means you can use the knowledge you have gained on MacOS to help a team mate get up to speed on a Windows system.

Pragmatic Features

In the process of improving visuals, the team also incorporated requests from the community into the new Droplr for Windows. Some of these improvements include:

  • Edit drop titles and drop privacy right in the app
  • Distinguish drops at a glance with a new icon set covering a variety of drop types
  • Click on drop’s icon to immediately open the drop in a browser
  • Various settings that allow the app to be tuned and customized

Better High Res Support

This release has included development and testing targeting high resolution screens like those found on the Lenovo 900 series and Microsoft Surface lines. Several key fixes have helped the app to work significantly better on these devices.

Get the New Version

The 3.3.3 version of Droplr for Windows will be available soon through auto update.

Learn about the latest version of Droplr for Windows here:

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