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Droplr and Slack, the team communication hack

Droplr Gives Slack Superpowers

We can’t argue with the fact that Slack is magic! Nothing short of a fairy godmother could make communication so simple and efficient, an inbox so uncluttered, a workday so pleasantly productive. But we will say this—Droplr gives Slack’s glass slippers an extra sparkle. It’s like an extra layer of chocolate on your triple chocolate mocha hot fudge sundae, an extra hundred horsepower on the Batmobile.

Droplr and Slack, the team communication hack

How did we make a good thing even better?

Communication becomes visual.

Showing versus telling gets your point across faster. Regardless of whether you’re communicating with a team member across a hallway or around the globe, a picture is faster and easier to process than the hundreds of words you’d need to describe it. Use Droplr to quick-as-a-flash share files or a screenshot (and edit it, too). The handy Droplr clipboard puts all your Drops at your fingertips.

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Droplr and Slack, the team communication hack

Save space.

Instead of sending large files, paste in an eight-character link. You won’t run into upload limits with endless Drops that you can refer back to whenever, sharing them as much as you’d like. Added bonus: A Drop takes less time than uploading a file.


No need to leave your desk when you can visually and audibly communicate with a coworker. Droplr gives you a quick way to show what to do click by click, narrating with personal comments. http://d.pr/v/AlCN

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Never forward an email.

Simply screenshot an email and paste it into Slack – trust us, your inbox will thank you! Also, you’ll never have to painstakingly edit a thread again; just send the relevant part to the right person instantly.

Inline previews in Slack.

Droplr makes sharing a screenshot a breeze. Select the area you want by clicking and dragging, add edits like arrows and text if you’d like, and without saving anything on your computer or opening another program, you have a quick link to share in Slack, along with an inline preview of the image.

Muscle memory file sharing.

One of the best things about using Droplr and Slack in tandem is that their combined superpowers make file sharing and communicating with your team magically, reflexively simple. While that might fall a little short of solid-glass footwear or bagging evil villains, you get to decide what to do with the time conserved and hassle avoided – and if royal balls and saving the world are on your to-do list, hey, we hope we made your workday a little easier!

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