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The Best Way to Send Large Files in Outlook

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If you want to send a large file in Outlook, you may have trouble overcoming the attachment size limit. The email attachment was invented in 1992 and yet still remains the de facto way that people are sharing sensitive files around the workplace. Unfortunately, you can only attach files up to 20MB in size in Microsoft Outlook. However, there’s an easy solution to sending large files through Outlook (or any other email service). Keep reading to learn how to send large files in Outlook without exceeding the attachment limit.

The Best Way to Send Large Files in Outlook

Droplr is the best way to send large files in Outlook. Droplr’s file sharing model has revolutionized the way people can share files. Why is using Droplr instead of email attachments so great?

How to Send Large Files in Outlook

With Droplr, you can send large files through Outlook with ease. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register for a Droplr account and download the app for Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS, or Android.
  2. Upload the file you want to email to your Droplr library. Droplr will automatically generate a short link for the file’s location in the cloud.

  3. Copy and paste the short link into your Outlook email.
  4. Press end! When your recipient clicks on the link, the file will open up in a new tab. From here, they can view the file or download it (if you have set download permissions).

Why You Should Use Droplr to Send Large Files

Clearly, using Droplr to email large files is quick and simple. Here’s a few more reasons why you should use Droplr to send large files through Outlook:

Send large files with ease

We all know what a pain it can be to send large files over email. Caught yourself splitting up PDFs into multiple pages? No more. Droplr let’s you send files up to 2GB in size with just one click. Droplr creates an easy to share short link that you can copy and past into any email to send users files.

Reducing storage costs and network problems

Because email attachments are stored on every inbox they’re sent to, as well as outboxes, large attachments create a myriad of problems and costs for IT departments everywhere. Droplr solves this by allowing people to send a simple link to the file instead of the file itself which eliminates redundant storage. Droplr also provides users with an online dashboard that stores all of your screenshots, screen recordings, and other uploaded files. In the dashboard, users can create collections of files and update privacy settings.

Enhanced security

Sending email attachments has always felt like pushing a big red scary button. Did I sent the right file? Did I just send sensitive information to the wrong person? Droplr allows people to have complete control over their shared files, including the ability to delete files or change passwords, even after you’ve sent it. Users can quickly change privacy settings and set self destruct settings on sent files.

Better transparency

Ever sent a file to someone and wondered if they got it? Did the message land in their junk box? Did the attachment get blocked? With Droplr, you can know exactly when someone’s viewed your file and how many times it’s been downloaded by looking at the file’s stats in your dashboard.

Try Droplr Now

With all the benefits of using Droplr instead of email attachments, switching to Droplr for your file sharing and storage needs is a no-brainer. You can start you free trial today.

For more information on how to share files, check out our article on How to Share Large Files Over the Internet.

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