Droplr Chrome Extension. Screencasts Come to Chrome!

Over here at Droplr, we love using Chrome as our browser of choice. Not only do we have a Droplr Chrome extension but we have recently implemented some big changes that can enhance your workflow with this nifty little app.

What’s the difference? See for yourself!

Our extension is used to enhance the functionality of the Chrome Browser specifically without having to download the app to your desktop. If you do all your screenshots from your browser, this makes downloading the Droplr extension a no-brainer!

Our newest addition, screencasts! You can choose to keep your screencast silent, or add some audio:

Take a full screencast of your entire screen, or just the application window if you wish.


Once you decide which video you want to create and begin sharing your screen, you will see a ‘Stop Sharing’ button at the bottom of your screen:

Or just click on the extension itself to see how long you have been recording:

This will stop the screencast, and upload to your clipboard in just seconds!

From there, you are all ready to go. Paste wherever you need to share!

No Droplr account? No problem! Try our free trial and earn your way to Pro by referring your friends. Just sign up for your free account and get the extension here: http://d.pr/C34GW

Let us know if you have any questions by writing into hello@droplr.com

Nicole Pressprich

Client Advocate, and Cyclist

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