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The Best Way to Send Large Files in Outlook

Ever wonder the best way to send large files in Outlook?

Ariel and Eric. William and Catherine. We’ve found the next dreamy couple: Email and Droplr.

The email attachment was invented in 1992 and yet still remains the defacto way that people are sharing sensitive files around the workplace. Droplr’s file sharing model revolutionized the way people can share files, and now we’re making it even easier. Why is using Droplr instead of email attachments so great? Consider this:

  1. Send large files with ease. We all know what a pain it can be to send large files over email. Caught yourself splitting up PDFs into multiple pages lately? No more. Droplr let’s you send files up to 2GB in size with just one click.
  2. Reducing storage costs and network problems. Because email attachments are stored on every inbox they’re sent to, as well as outboxes, large attachments create a myriad of problems and costs for IT departments everywhere. Droplr solves this by allowing people to send a simple link to the file instead of the file itself which eliminates redundant storage.
  3. Enhanced control. Sending email attachments has always felt like pushing a big red scary button. Did I sent the right file? Did I just send sensative information to the wrong person? Droplr allows people to have complete control over their shared files, including the ability to delete files or change passwords, even after you’ve sent it.
  4. Better transparency. Ever sent a file to someone and wondered if they ever got it? Did the message land in their junk box? Did the attachment get blocked? With Droplr, you can know exactly when someone’s viewed your file and how many times it’s been downloaded.

With all the benefits of using Droplr instead of email attachments, we’re excited today to be announcing our plugin for Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook plugin will automatically convert any files you attach in a new message to Droplr links before it sends the message out. It’ll make you, and just about everyone you send emails to, so happy that you might just take the rest of the day off. Go ahead.

Before you do, download the latest version of Droplr for Windows which includes the Outlook plugin.

“Droplr for Outlook is just about the best thing ever.” – Outlook user

We’ll be announcing more cool ways to use Droplr with other email providers soon so you should follow us on Twitter or here on our blog.

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