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How to Send a Screenshot

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After you take a screenshot and edit it, the next step is sharing it with others! After all, the main use of screenshots is for quickly sharing information on your screen with other people. This is especially important for business employees, sales teams, or customer support representatives who share large amounts of information daily with customers or co-workers.

But how do you send a screenshot? Where you can upload screenshots for easy sharing? There are various ways that you can use to send a screenshot, some more fast and efficient than others. Let’s go over four ways that you can send a screenshot.

How to Send a Screenshot in 4 Ways

Attach as a File

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You can attach any screenshot located on your local drive as a file. This is an easy way to send a screenshot as an email. Most screenshot tools, such as the native tools for both Mac and Windows, save screenshots locally on your computer after you take them. From there, you can attach them in an email or upload screenshot files on a messaging platform. 

This is the method of screenshot sharing that takes the most time, since it requires you to open both your messaging platform and your file, then waiting for your file to upload. However, it is also the method to screenshot and send an image that works with the most screenshot apps. 

Copy to Clipboard

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Some screenshot apps, like Snip & Sketch for Windows 10 and Greenshot, let you copy your screenshot directly to your computer’s clipboard after you take it. From there, sharing your screenshot is as simple as pasting it in a document or message. This is also how the “print screen” key on your computer saves temporary screenshots. 

This method is useful for sending a screenshot that you just took. However, it doesn’t work with past images that you need to share again. And as your computer’s clipboard can also copy one thing at a time, the second you copy something else, your screenshot is deleted from the clipboard. 

Drag & Drop

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Some screenshot apps, like Droplr and CloudApp, let you drag and drop screenshots from their file location to your clipboard or directly into another platform as an upload. Once you locate your screenshot, this method is quick and easy as long as the platform you are sharing your screenshot in allows drag & drop.

However, uploading multiple screen captures at a time with this method can be quite a hassle. Dragging and dropping each individual file takes time, especially if you drop your file too soon. Ultimately, this method is best for quickly sorting a screenshot into a board or folder.

Cloud Sharing

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Finally, the quickest and easiest way to send a screenshot is through cloud sharing. There are several different ways that you can share your screenshot over the cloud. If you have an account on a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can upload your screenshots to the cloud and then share them with a link. Of course, this solution still takes time as you have to upload each image before you link a screenshot.

Fortunately, there are screenshot apps that save your screenshots directly to the cloud after you take them. Droplr, for example, saves your screenshots and screen recordings to your own page on the cloud and generates a short link for each screenshot that you take. Sharing screenshots is as easy as pasting your screenshot link into the platform of your choice! Additionally, screenshots can be viewed in-platform on many work communication platforms, such as Slack, Jira, and Intercom, so nobody has to leave the platform to view your screenshot. 

Screenshot apps that include cloud sharing do not come for free. Droplr provides the most inexpensive option at $6/month for individuals $7/user/month for teams. Still, if you share screenshots frequently to communicate with co-workers and clients, you should consider purchasing a screenshot app that includes cloud sharing. 

How Do You Share Screenshots?

How you send screenshots is dependent upon what method you use to take them. If you need more information about how to take a screenshot, check out our article 4 Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot. To compare different screenshot tools, consider reading up on the best tools for Mac or Windows, or using our Top Screenshot and Screen Recorder Price Calculator to directly compare the features and pricing of the best screenshot apps. 

Overall, the easiest and fastest way to send a screenshot is through a cloud platform that lets you convert screenshots into links. Hence, if you need to share lots of screenshots quickly, you should find a screenshot app that includes cloud sharing. Otherwise, you can choose to upload your screenshots to a cloud storage website or choose another sharing method listed above. 

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