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How to Share Customer Support Files Using Droplr 

When needing to share a customer support file online, users have a variety of options to choose from when deciding how to do so. There are traditional sharing routes like email as well as newer more modern ways of sharing files online. These newer models include online storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox as well as online communication platforms like Slack. There are also other options that can help you create as well as share professional content. One of these options is Droplr, a screenshot and screen recording tool that fits especially well with the needs of customer support representatives.

What Makes Good Customer Service?

Good customer service necessitates both quick and effective support. Fast response times are especially critical for good customer support. In fact, 75% of customers have reported that a quick response time is the most important element of good customer support. As such, the ability to quickly send customer support files is vital in order to ensure that your customers are happy with the support you provide. Using a cloud sharing service like Droplr ensures that your customer support files can be sent quickly and through any platform and that they are likewise easily accessible by all customers.

How Do You Send Large Files?

Customer support personnel are of the many groups of professionals that need platforms to help them quickly and easily share support files with customers and clients. Many of these file types tend to be large with photos and instructional videos. Photos and videos are oftentimes more helpful than words but are difficult to share due to their large size. When communicating with a customer, figuring out how to send photos and videos can be tricky since email providers often don’t allow large files to be sent via email. 

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How to use Droplr as a Customer Support Professional

App Features

Droplr can help users in a number of ways through its variety of tools. Primarily, Droplr is a screenshot and screen recording tool but the app also comes with a cloud sharing feature. Users can take screenshots or screen recordings and use support materials using one tool and share them quickly with customers.  

  • Screen Capturing – Screenshot and screen record with Droplr. Screenshots taken using the app can then be marked up with text or color highlights Use the image editor to add shapes like lines, circles, arrows, and boxes.
  • Cloud-Based Sharing – Sharing files using Droplr is fast and easy. Droplr allows customer support professionals to easily screenshot or screen record their monitors and share them with customers using tiny URLs, which can be shared through a variety of platforms with their customers. When customers click on the tiny URL the are brought to a webpage with the shared content. Customers can view the content and also have the option to download it. These screen recordings and screenshots are also saved through Droplr’s cloud-based online storage services automatically.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – With a variety of keyboard shortcuts, customer support professionals using Droplr can share information with the click of a button. These shortcuts can help save time and make sharing content easier than ever before.
  • Analytics – Customer support professionals can also create folders of stored content to speed up these interactions. Droplr’s analytics tell support managers which pieces of content are viewed more often by their customers and which ones need to be improved.
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What Are the Advantages of File Sharing?

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How Droplr Can Help Customer Support Professionals

  • Rapidly show customers and clients what you want them to see.
  • Give multi-step directions during a chat session.
  • Eliminate mouse clicks with configurable keyboard shortcuts.

File sharing videos can take up a significant amount of storage space, using a link downloader can help with that. Use a screen recording software like Droplr to take your video and then copy the short download link that gives users access to your file. Users can then save the video from the link or view it from the cloud sharing site. Sharing files this way speeds up workplace productivity and can help customer service support teams to share larger files like screen recordings.

Using Droplr to Suppport Customers

Using Droplr as a customer support professional can help increase your workflow and efficiency by reducing response time. By consolidating support material for customers, it is easier to access customer support content. Droplr is a great short cut for those looking to save time and energy on long and time-consuming customer interactions. 

Droplr can help make day to day customer service interactions more productive and helpful. Customers and clients alike can benefit from having visual help materials to refer back to. Try out Droplr’s free trial and see how it can help your company’s customer support professionals. 

Droplr: How to Quickly Show Your Customer Exactly What You Mean

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