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Top 5 GIF Makers to Check Out in 2022

How To Make A GIF

How to Use GIFs and GIF Makers

Whether they’re used for memes, self-expression, or online tutorials, GIFs are a popular online communication tool. GIFs contain the interest and excitement of a video without the length and large file size. They’re easy to use and can help fill in the blanks that a single image can’t. GIFS can also help add direct educational flair to standard step by step instructions. GIFs have a number of different uses and can be created with a GIF maker. File sizes tend to be a lot smaller than videos and therefore are easier to upload, share, and use on different platforms. 

Visual how-to’s are more easily digestible than words or standard pictures. There’s no better way to learn something than to see the process in motion. When it comes to humor, education, or instruction, we connect with something we see in motion more easily. A Time Magazine article stated that “nearly two-thirds of millennials said GIFS did the job better than words” and “can intersect with moments of pop culture that convey a far broader range of sentiments”. Because of this, online GIF makers have risen in popularity and are a useful tool to have on hand as we head into 2021. You can use an animated GIF maker to find, make, edit, and share your own GIFs!

Use a GIF Editor Online

There are many animated GIF makers to choose from, so it can be hard to find the right one. We’ve outlined the top 5 GIF maker apps and their top features to help you narrow down your search. Use these GIF creators to create GIFs online or on your phone!


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  • GIPHY is a free GIF maker that houses a large library of GIFs for users to share and send. The site has featured daily GIFs and sorts created animations into categories like sports, reactions, animations, etc.
  • GIPHY also has a downloadable iPhone and Android app, allowing users to create and send GIFs on multiple platforms.
  • Individuals and teams can create accounts to create a set of GIFs to advertise their business or product for other users to share.
  • Businesses can create campaigns and paid advertisements with GIPHY and allows you to create your own curated channel to help feature your GIFs for other users to explore.
  • GIPHY’s integrations with social media platforms like Facebook and Discord allows users to send and add GIFs into chatrooms.


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  • Similar to GIPHY, MakeaGIF is a GIF maker online that features a large library of GIFs to explore from. Users can download these clips or feature them on social media channels, or embed them into your blogs and websites.
  • The software allows you to create GIFs through a number of pathways. Users can turn URLs from Youtube and Facebook videos into GIFs. You can also upload photos, videos, and webcam recordings into animations.
  • MakeaGIF allows users to sign up for a premium animated GIF maker account with free 3-day trials. Premium accounts feature high definition GIFs, personalized watermarks, and faster editing and uploading times. 
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter account to your MakeaGIF account to quickly and easily share clips on your social media platforms.


  • The app automatically saves your GIFs to the cloud with a link you can share instantly with anyone, anywhere.   
  • The easy-to-use GIF app offers a free 3-day trial and features subscriptions ranging from $6 a month and up.
  • Droplr has integrations with apps like Discord and Slack, so you can share GIFs directly on the platforms you love to use.

online gif maker and image editor
  • EZGIF is an online free GIF maker. Users do not need to pay for subscriptions to use all of the software’s features.
  • The application has a number of tools for users to easily turn any file type into a GIF. The site allows you to upload PDFs, MP4s, MOVs, etc. and turn them into GIF files.
  • Unlike some of the other featured GIF creators, EZGIF has additional free online editing tools. Users can add text, overlays, color filters, as well as crop and resize their clips.
  • The site also has additional conversion tools. Users can turn already created GIFs into MP4s with additional video editing tools.

GIF Maker

create gifs from video & photo #1 gif editor and gif sharing app
  • Unlike the other applications on this list, GIF Maker is only available through the Apple App Store and therefore can be accessed on iPhones and iPads.
  • The free GIF maker application allows you to transform photos, videos, and live photos into animated clips.
  • GIF Maker also has a scrollable feed that features popular GIFs and memes, where users can upload their creations to share with others.
  • GIF Maker also lets you edit your videos with the ability to trim, add filters, captions, and other iPhone camera features like time-lapse, ‘slo-mo’ mode, as well as loop and burst mode.

Express Yourself with GIFs

GIFs allow you to explore the creative side of communication and can add emotion to text that simple images can’t. Add a tool to your marketing toolbox or spice up your business’ blog with these animated images.

If you’re looking for a GIF maker that includes a large collection of already created and ready to use GIFs, GIPHY, MakeaGIF, and the GIF Maker iOS application are the best fit for you. If you’re looking for a GIF creator with automatic cloud storage for easy sharing Droplr is your go-to tool. allows you to add additional edits to your GIFs and file conversion tools.

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