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Capture and share rich content

Transfer 10 GB of files at the speed of light

Droplr ends all your problems with sending files. Send your files incredibly fast and easier than ever.

  • Send files with customized handy short link

  • Make sure all assets you share are secured

  • Send files over all devices

  • Manage your assets and always have them around

Get advanced sharing features you need

Capture Screenshots and Screencasts

Explain your thoughts visually to enrich your messages and give crystal clear feedback to your team/clients/colleagues/friends.

  • Create a better onboarding experience

  • Cut down the complexity and get the job done, simply

  • Add messages with the text field to say more

  • Blur sensitive information and keep your content safe

Share with your brand, not ours

Make a great first impression

Build trust by sharing branded files. Create custom links that have your company name.

  • Customize short links by using your company domain

  • Add a company logo and show your brand to all recipients

  • Use your own branding and look professional

  • Make sure your users know files are from you

Ready to unleash your file sharing potential?




  • File sharing

  • Screenshot tool

  • Instantly share URLs

  • Slack integration

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  • File sharing

  • Screenshot tool

  • Customized URLs

  • Full third-party integrations

  • Full file history

  • Screencasts

  • Document preview

  • Enhanced customization tools

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Frequently asked questions

What's your cancellation/refund policy?

We want to put all our effort to make our refund policy as friendly as possible. So users can test Droplr without worry we will refund all payments you made within the last 30 days.

How big of a file can I share with Droplr?

Using Droplr PRO you can send files up to 10 GB.

How much data can I send in Droplr?

The bandwidth (data transfer) depends on your plan. For free users, you have 2GB of bandwidth weekly but not more than 5GB per month. Pro users, have 20 GB of bandwidth daily, but not more than 50GB per month. Enterprise users have 100GB of bandwidth per day and monthly bandwidth is negotiated

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

Email us at or use chat in right bottom corner.

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