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5 Best Productivity Apps You Need to Try in 2022

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Productivity apps are any web-based programs or software that help you focus on your tasks, make them easier to accomplish, or speed up the process. The best productivity websites simplify your work process and help you work smarter, not harder. These apps can come in the form of project management software, time tracker apps, or workplace communication platforms. Regardless of their function, these apps aim to boost your productivity and ensure that you complete your work tasks and goals quickly and effectively.

In this article, we will go over five of the best productivity apps that you should try in 2022 to boost your work productivity and get more done every day. These apps are available for both Mac and Windows, and most include a mobile version as well. For each productivity app, we will describe its core features, how it can boost workplace productivity, and how much it costs. Both individuals and work teams can effectively use these web based programs for productivity.

So, without further ado, here’s the 5 best productivity software you need to try in 2022.

Top Productivity Apps

1. Droplr

a link to the file is ready to share on droplr

Droplr’s motto is “get work done faster”, a phrase the screen recording and sharing software lives up to. Droplr lets you take screenshots and screen recordings, then store them in the Droplr cloud. You can also upload other files to the cloud for easy storage. To share your files in the cloud, simply paste a short link generated by Droplr into any communication platform. Screenshots preview in most platforms, such as Slack and Discord, so viewers won’t even have to leave the platform to view your file. Other files can be viewed directly in the Droplr cloud, no download necessary!

Droplr is a great productivity app because it lets you share screenshots, recordings, and files quickly. Instead of calling a coworker to explain an issue, just send a screen recording! Customer service reps can likewise use Droplr to take annotated screenshots with instructions on how to fix a problem instead of trying to explain the process in a series of messages. Droplr makes screen and file sharing quick and simple.

Droplr pricing begins at $6/mo for individuals and $7/user/mo for teams. Enterprise customers should contact Droplr for custom pricing options for teams of 16+ members. You can start a 3-day free trial with all regular features today.

2. Evernote

evernote meeting notes on mobile phone and laptop

Evernote is a detailed note-taking app that lets you access your notes from any device. You can format and organize your notes the way you like. You can also add text, images, audio, PDFs, scans, and documents to your notes. Evernote can even be used to scan documents and take web clippings to add to your notes.

Evernote ensures that all of your notes and necessary files can be found in the same place. With this productivity app, you won’t have to waste precious time searching through different apps and folders. You can keep your to-do list, meeting notes, and project plans all on the same app. You can also use Evernote to share important notes and files with others, thus increasing group productivity as well.

Evernote’s basic app is free and can be used to write down and share notes, take screenshots, and create to-do lists that can be synced to 2 devices. The free version includes 25MB maximum note size and a 60MB monthly upload limit. Evernote premium, priced at $7.99/mo, includes offline access, custom templates, and the ability to annotate PDFs. Notes can be synced on an unlimited number of devices, for a maximum note size of 200MB and 10GB monthly upload limit. For businesses, Evernote offers a $14.99/user/mo plan that adds shared spaces, business data ownership, and centralized account administration with a 20GB + 2GB/user monthly upload limit.

3. Freedom

freedom blocklist of websites to block

Freedom was designed to conduct one simple task: boost user focus by letting them self-block from time-wasting websites. You can choose to block sites whenever you want or set a specific schedule. Freedom can sync blocks across all of your devices. Create lists of sites you want to block at specific times from Freedom’s suggestions or add your own!

According to Freedom’s website, users gain an average of 2.5 hours of productive time each day. It’s no surprise then that Freedom is used by top companies and universities such as Google, Salesforce, and Harvard. Freedom is among the best productivity apps for individuals and businesses alike! If you frequently find yourself distracted by social media, news, or entertainment during the work day, invest in Freedom’s top productivity app to reclaim your productive time.

You can get all of Freedom’s basic features for free. However, the premium Freedom productivity app offers additional features such as recurring scheduled sessions, advanced scheduling, unlimited sessions and devices, session annotations and history, and coffee shop sounds to help increase focus. Freedom premium costs $6.99/mo or $2.42/mo if you pay for a full year in advance. You can also currently purchase a lifetime of Freedom for only $129.

4. Zapier

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Zapier connects the apps you use, regardless if they have native integrations or not. It moves information between your apps to help automate workflows and save you time and focus. Zapier can also complete simple tasks automatically. All you have to do is set a “trigger”, like receiving a new email, then set what action or “zap” you want Zapier to take (like alert or pull data from another app). Zapier can be used for over 2,000 apps.

Zapier increases productivity by simplifying tasks and sharing information between different apps. If you use many different apps over your work day, then you should use Zapier to facilitate communication among them.

Zapier’s productivity app includes 100 tasks/mo, single-step zaps, and a 15 minute update time for free. Zapier’s paid plans, ranging from $19.99/mo for individuals to $599/mo for companies, increase the number of tasks/mo and zaps and decrease the amount of time for updates. Paid plans also unlock premium apps, multiple users, and a shared workspace.

5. Timely

bob's hardware project management and implement calendar on timely

Timely is a professional time tracking app that works for both individuals and teams. The productivity app automatically captures all the time you spend online and then drafts timesheets. You can correct any mistakes the Timely AI makes, and it will learn from its mistakes and perform better in the future. For teams, Timely can display everyone’s work hours in a synchronized dashboard and visualize project resources.

Timely can be used to monitor how much time you spend on your projects and ensure that you’re using your time efficiently. The app will record if you’re wasting time, so you can identify which sites or platforms you need to avoid. Team managers can also use Timely to monitor their team’s productivity and ensure that everyone is performing their best.

Timely begins at $8/user/mo for up to 50 separate projects and 3 teams. You can pay $14/mo for unlimited projects and teams, or $20/mo for extra features like branded reports, team planning, anad a team dashboard. Enterprises can contact Timely’s sales team for custom pricing.

More Ways to Boost Productivity

Are you looking for more ways to boost productivity? Then check out our article on 5 Ways to Boost Work Productivity to get specific pieces of advice on how to work more effectively this year. If you’re a team manager looking to adopt one of the above productivity apps or another new productivity app, you can read up on 5 Ways to Motivate Employees to Adopt New Technology. Keep up-to-date with Droplr’s How-To Guides for more advice on how to improve your work experience and output in the new year.  

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