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6 Best Webcam Recorders in 2021


Screen recorders with built-in webcam features offer users a number of different utilities. First, using a webcam video recorder saves time, especially when editing. Second, using webcam recording software grants the opportunity to creatively enhance your videos and create more personalized content. 

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Whether you’re creating a how-to or a tutorial for your youtube video, or you’re demonstrating how to fix a bug for a client, including a recording of your face can help the video feel more personalized and foster a relationship between you and the viewer. While it may be hard to find exactly the right tool to use, we’ve outlined some of our favorite webcam screen recorders below.

Check Out Both Professional and Free Webcam Recorders

We’ve listed the top 6 webcam recorders below along with their pros and cons to help you find the right fit for you.

1. OBS Studio – Top choice for anyone looking for a webcam recorder with advanced editing tools.

obs studio


  • Free – OBS Studio is completely free screen recording software and doesn’t have any hidden fees or memberships.
  • Multi-Platform – OBS Studio is available to download on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • Editing – This webcam recorder also has advanced editing features that allow you to edit recordings, add text and images to your videos, and more.
  • Hot Keys – When recording and editing with OBS studio, users can also play around with hotkeys to help them record and edit quicker and easier.
  • Audio Mixing – If you need professional audio editing, OBS Studio is your go-to. This tool lets you play around with different audio settings, filters, and more.


  • Advanced – The most popular complaint amongst OBS Studio users is that the application is difficult to use and has a high learning curve.
  • Plugins – To be able to fully take advantage of the application’s features, several plugins need to be installed and activated.
  • Frequent Updates – Users have also complained about the number of updates the application requires.

2. Movavi – Great for Mac users looking for a cam recorder with advanced editing tools and additional keyboard recording.



  • Platform Availability – Movavi is available for both Mac and Windows
  • Formats – Movavi allows users to save their screen recordings in any format or file type.
  • Timer – Movavi also allows users to set up a timer when screen recording to help record with accuracy.
  • Editing – This webcam recorder also comes with a couple of editing options including, trimming, audio mixing, and more.
  • Keystrokes – You also have the option of turning on keystrokes in your recording which shows your keyboard to users.


  • Video Effects – When using Movavi, users are unable to copy and paste or duplicate video effects from one clip onto another.
  • Burning Videos – Users are also unable to burn edited videos onto a DVD.
  • No Extensions – Movavi does not include an extension for Chrome or any other web browser.

3. Droplr – Top choice for small teams and businesses that need a webcam recorder with cloud storage and fast, dependable link sharing.



  • Multiple Platforms – Droplr can be downloaded and accessed on a number of different platforms including Mac and Windows computers. Droplr also has a downloadable Chrome Extension, perfect for anybody using the Google Chrome browser or Chrome Book.
  • Link Sharing – After you finish creating your screen recording, your video is automatically uploaded to the cloud and into your Droplr dashboard. You then have a short link that links to your video that you can share anywhere.
  • Mouse Clicks – When screen recording with Droplr, turn on ‘highlighted mouse clicks’ to help guide the viewer’s eyes when creating a demo or how-to. 
  • Sizing – With Droplr, you can choose to screen record your entire screen, a portion of your screen, or a specific tab.
  • Audio – Along with webcam recording, you can also turn on audio recording to make sure your viewers can hear you.


  • Paid Service – While only a few dollars per month, Droplr requires a subscription and is a paid service. All new users are offered a free trial when trying out the software for the first time.
  • Editing – Other than quick video trimming, Droplr does not provide additional editing tools.
  • Internet Access – To access your Droplr dashboard, users need to be connected to WiFi or an internet connection.

4. Bandicam – Top choice for creators looking to record live gameplay.



  • External Device Recording – A feature unique to Bandicam is the ability to record external devices like Xbox and Playstation, smartphones, IPTV, and more.
  • Real-Time Drawing – Bandicam also has a drawing tool that allows you to ‘draw’ or write on your screen while recording.
  • Scheduled Recording – This feature allows you to set up a recording time to start recording on a specific day or time. 
  • Chroma Key – Bandicam also allows you to create a chroma key to use while recording in real-time.
  • Cost – Unlike some of the other tools listed here, users are required to purchase Bandicam once as opposed to buying a subscription in order to use the tool.


  • Limited Trial – When trialing Bandicam, users have a cap on how many videos you can record.
  • Video Quality – Bandicam’s recorded videos do not have the highest quality.
  • Audio Issues – Users have complained about occasional audio issues including low-quality audio and split audio recordings when using Bandicam.

5. Filmora Scrn – Top choice for creators looking to record live gameplay with additional editing tools.

filmora scrn


  • Editing – Filmora Scrn gives users a number of different editing tools to help them out together their screen recordings.
  • Changeable Cursor – When screen recording, you also have the option of changing your cursor’s size, shape, and color to help it appear more vividly on your screen.
  • Annotations – With Filmora Scrn, you can add annotations and text to your videos.
  • Exporting – After you finish creating your screen recording, you can export your video in multiple formats including MP4, MOV, and GIF.
  • FPS 15-120 – For those of you who are looking to record live gameplay, Filmora Scrn can record fast-paced games with higher resolution FPS.


  • Watermark – With the free version of Filmora Scrn, users have a watermark on their videos.
  • Color Grading – Users have noted limit color grading when using the application.
  • Beginner Tool – Filmora Scrn (due to its lack of many advanced features) is more of a beginner program.

6. Flashback – Top choice for Youtube creators who need instant YouTube uploading.



  • Windows – For Windows computer users, you’re in luck! Flashback screen recorder is a tool primary for Windows platforms.
  • Editing – Flashback comes with a couple of different editing tools including trimming, annotations, transitions, blurring, and more.
  • YouTube Upload – Flashback also lets users automatically upload their videos to YouTube from their application.
  • Quick Export – Like some of the other screen recording software on this list, Flashback lets you export your videos in different file formats including MP4, AVI, and more.
  • Narration – Adding audio to your screen recordings is easy with Flashback’s narration tool.


  • Platforms – Flashback is currently unavailable to use on any platform other than a Windows computer.
  • Outdated – Reviews have mentioned that the application’s UI may feel outdated to some users.
  • Basic Editing – Unlike some of the other applications listed above, Flashback does not come with many advanced editing options.

Webcam Recording Software + Features

All of the webcam recording software listed above have the ability to include webcam video while screen recording. When it comes down to choosing which tool to pick, you need to narrow down which features are most important to have for your line of work.

For users or teams who prefer a webcam recorder with cloud upload and link sharing, Droplr is the best option. Droplr is a great pick for designers, live chat support, or any team or small business that needs to work faster. 

If you need a webcam recorder with more advanced editing tools, OBS Studio and Movavi are the best options. If you have a YouTube channel that you want to directly upload videos to, we recommend Flashback screen recorder.

Finally, if you’re using a webcam recorder to primarily record live gameplay, we recommend Filmora Scrn or Bandicam.

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