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An Overview of Intercom’s Scheduling Integration Apps

An Overview of Intercom's Scheduling Integration Apps
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Are you an Intercom user looking to bring your customer interactions to the next level with automated scheduling? Using one of Intercom’s scheduling integration apps, you can easily schedule meetings with clients directly from Intercom’s messenger. However, because Intercom integrates with so many different apps, it can be difficult to choose which one works best for your needs. If you need help choosing which of the six scheduling apps you should integrate with Intercom, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about Intercom’s integrations with Outlook Calendar, Calendly, Google Calendar, Chili Piper, Appointy, and

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar can be used to automatically book meetings with clients on Intercom. When you first download the Outlook Calendar app for Intercom, you will be asked to set your availability. You also get to customize your meeting invite with a description, video conferencing link, and personalized URL. Once your calendar is connected, you can share your invite during conversations with clients on Intercom and let them book an available meeting time. You can also set Outlook to automatically request a meeting with qualified leads with a bot message according to the qualifications that you set in the app. The Outlook Calendar app can only be used with a paid Office 365 subscription, but you can access it on Intercom with any paid plan with Inbox.

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Calendly is one of the most well-known and highly-regarded online scheduling apps on the market. If you already have a Calendly account, you can connect it with Intercom to send meeting requests directly from Intercom’s Messenger. Just like with Outlook Calendar, you can set a custom invite that lets clients choose from your available times. You can also create a custom bot that will interact with visitors who fit the description that you set. Calendly’s free package includes unlimited scheduling, one calendar, and integrations with your other online calendars, but to access additional services such as custom branding, group events, and Google Analytics, you will have to choose a paid tier.

Google Calendar

Integrating Google Calendar with Intercom is both easy and completely free! To use it, simply install the Google Calendar app in Intercom’s app store and select a Google account to connect. Afterwards, you can set your availability and add a custom meeting description and video link. Like with Google Calendar and Calendly, you can send meeting links in Messenger during a conversation with a client or set a bot to automatically request a meeting with qualified leads. Google Calendar can only be used with an Inbox Pro subscription.

Chili Piper

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Chili Piper is a scheduling and inbox app made specifically for sales teams. Chili Piper is unique compared to the previous three apps because it is primarily used to connect customers to the correct team. You can route meetings via either round robin or based on any number of preset features. Chili Piper ensures that meetings are fairly distributed amongst team members so that nobody is overbooked or undervalued. After you install the Chili Piper integration on Intercom, clients can use Messenger to book appointments according to your team’s availability. Chili Piper’s pricing starts at $25/user/month.


Appointy provides online scheduling software that lets customers book appointments online as well as marketing services that widen the reach of your product. Appointy’s schedule can be accessed directly in Messenger so customers can pick a time to schedule a demo or meeting with a sales team. Appointy also automatically distributes appointments across your sales team to ensure an even workload. Auto messages can be set up on Intercom for scheduling, rescheduling, and cancelling appointments. Appointy’s free service includes 100 appointments and integration with Zapier. Plans that include unlimited appointments start at $30/month. Meeting Assistant

Screenshot at January 27th 2020 - 12.35.26 am@1.25x.png is a scheduling app for businesses that lets you quickly schedule meetings with clients, other companies, and prospective hires.’s Meeting Assistant can perform a variety of important functions such as find necessary documents for your meeting, generate standard documents such as contracts and sales presentations, book meeting rooms, and provide insights on the people you’re meeting with. syncs with all your calendars so that meeting times never conflict. On Intercom,’s Meeting Assistant can automatically book meetings with clients and add them to your automated meeting schedule.’s free plan comes with calendar integrations, standard meeting types, and a limited number of automated meeting scheduling and people insights. Paid plans that include unlimited automated scheduling and insights as well as custom meeting types and security features start at $15/month.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If none of Intercom’s app integrations fully satisfy your scheduling needs, then take a look at our article 5 Best Work Scheduling Apps in 2020. These apps are sure to satisfy you if you need a more complex employee schedule maker or booking calendar for your business.

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