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How Droplr Helps You Manage Your Work Schedule

How Droplr Helps You Manage Your Work Schedule

Droplr is a cost-effective and highly efficient tool that lets you quickly take screenshots and screen recordings and share them with your employees, customers, and friends. Clearly, Droplr’s software is integral for enterprises and freelancers alike who rely on quick and efficient communication to share information online. But did you know Droplr can also help you plan and share your work schedule? Read on to discover our tips on using Droplr to manage your work schedule and share it with your team and clients!

Take Screenshots of Your Schedule

Need to quickly share your online calendar with someone who uses a different scheduling app? Just take a screenshot with Droplr! From there, you can simply paste or drop the image into your email or messenger. You can also share your screenshot in a number of apps that Droplr integrates with, such as Intercom, Slack, and Skype.

With Droplr’s markup tool, you can also add notes directly to your screenshot. Using Droplr, you can include additional information about your calendar that you wouldn’t be able to on scheduling software. This is very helpful if you need to quickly explain to a client or co-worker the details of a scheduled event.

Make A Screen Recording to Explain Your Calendar


Droplr’s screen recording tool lets you record your screen with audio. You can use this function to create a video explaining events on your calendar or your availability. This is another easy way to include additional information for clients and fellow workers that don’t show up on a screenshot.

You can also use screen recording to create how-to videos associated with work scheduling. You can create a video to explain to your employees how to download and use a new scheduling or time tracking app. This will save you large amounts of time that would otherwise be spent typing up written instructions or meeting with employees one-on-one to explain the new system.

Use A Board and Tags to Easily Access Multiple Calendars

If you’ve taken or received multiple screenshots, you can group them together using a board or tags on Droplr’s app in the cloud. These boards can be used to store screenshots of your different online calendars in one place or, if you manage a team, store the schedules of each of your team members in the same board. You decide who can access or edit your board by sharing it with whoever you want and adding optional passport protection. Using tags, you can search up the screenshot you need to access; so, if you need to quickly find a screenshot or screen recording of your availability calendar, you can search for it using the added tag.

Droplr’s screen recording, screenshot, and organizing tools can help you quickly and securely access and share work schedules and booking calendars through the cloud. By doing so, you can decrease the time spent searching through multiple emails and calendar apps and focus more on the important work that you need to accomplish, streamlining how to manage your work schedule.

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