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How to Create a Tiny URL | Updated Oct 2020

Are you interested in learning how to create a tiny URL? Not sure how to start? Fortunately, the process is very easy with the help of an online link shortener. Follow the steps below and soon you’ll be an expert when it comes to creating tiny links.

Why Use Tiny URLs?

Tiny links are easy to share and more aesthetically pleasing than their longer counterparts. They are a great tool for marketers and customer service agents in particular since clients are more likely to click on a tiny link that clearly conveys the information that can be found on the site. Tiny links are easier to paste into chats or emails and fit onto social media posts that limit characters.

Learn how to make a tiny URL using TinyURL

How to Create a Tiny URL: A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Choose the right link shortener

Link shorteners, online sites that compress long links into small URLs, are a dime a dozen nowadays. As such, it’s important to choose the right tiny URL maker for your needs. Do you need to quickly turn a long, confusing URL into a tiny link for a customer? Or are you are looking to create your own custom links to advertise your brand? If you need help picking the right URL shortener, then check out Droplr’s list of the 5 Best URL Shorteners in 2020 or our list of the 7 Best Free URL Shorteners in 2020.

2. Copy and paste your long URL into the link shortener

All link shorteners have a box on their site where you can paste the long link that you want to shorten. For some sites, this box is on their front page, while others require you to sign up and log in before you can access the shortener. Before shortening your link, you can also choose from a number of customization options–you may wish to create a branded link that includes your own custom domain instead of the shortener’s domain, or you may decide to just attach a custom link ending.

If you are confused at any point during this process, you can always contact your link shortener with any questions or look through the site’s Q&A page.

3. Click the button to shorten your link

There will be a button beside the link shortening tool that reads something along the lines of “compress URL” or “make tiny URL.” You need to press this button to create your tiny URL. Remember: this tiny link will act as a redirect, which means it will direct anyone who clicks on it to the same site as the original long address.

4. Share your link with others!

Once the link shortener has finished creating your tiny link, you have a number of options for sharing it. You can copy and paste it, share it directly to social media, or even turn it into a QR code on some websites! Once again, before choosing your link shortener, make sure that you research which sharing options it supports.

How do I customize my tiny URL?

As mentioned above, most URL shorteners provide customization options. Free sites like TinyURL and provide custom link endings, so you can choose what phrase follows the link shortener’s domain name. You can view an example of this on TinyURL in the above video.

Most paid plans also include branded links. These links feature your own branded domain in the domain name instead of the name of the link shortening service. This assures clients that the tiny link will redirect to your website and that it is safe to click on. This also helps advertise your website or product. It is highly recommended that enterprises choose a custom URL shortener that includes branded domains and branded links. To learn more about these services, check out our article 5 Best URL Shorteners in 2020.

Going forward with link shorteners

Once you’ve shared your tiny link with others, many sites include detailed analytics and link management options. To learn more about how to access these features, please visit the page of your chosen link shortener.

By following these simple five steps, you can begin turning long, jumbled URL addresses into attractive, simple tiny links! In doing so, you will be able to take your online marketing, customer service, and sales skills to the next level. 

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