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Introducing Branded Domains and Custom Links

Let’s make a case for branded domains and custom links.

Are you a new online brand looking to make a splash? Or perhaps you’re a customer service representative hoping to guide customers online as quickly and efficiently as possible. You might be a salesperson trying to spread your product online through targeted ads. Whichever scenario best fits your situation, the solution that you are looking for to best represent your client and attract customers is branded links.

Branded links are a form of tiny link that includes a custom domain name in the place of the link shortener’s web address. For example, instead of directing customers with a URL that starts with, your link could read www.yourdomain/. In this case, Bitly will still create the tiny URL for you and redirect it to the original site, but the short link will contain your own custom domain name. 

Why choose custom URLs?

Custom short URLs are a great way to advertise your brand and secure your links. Branded URLs tell potential customers who is hosting the website and what product they are advertising. Branded links are also seen as more trustworthy than link shortener domain names, which are often associated with phishing scams or spam ads. Custom short links ensure your clients and prospects that the page they are clicking on is safe and associated with your company. It is no surprise, then, that custom links get about a 34% higher click-through rate.

For larger enterprises, branded domains and custom links are not sufficient in themselves. Services that provide short URLs must include security, certification, and compliance consistent with enterprise standards. For example, most enterprises now use SSO to better manage institutional risk with identity and access management tools.

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How do custom links work?

Custom links work the same as short URL links in that they act as a redirect, which allows a web page to be accessible under more than one URL address. Link customization can be accessed through a link shortener. When you input your long URL into the shortening tool, you will be prompted to choose customization options before clicking on the “shorten” button. Be warned that you cannot choose a branded domain or link name that someone else has already claimed!

However, most link shorteners require a paid plan for branded links. Rebrandly’s free service offers 5 custom domains and 500 branded links, while BL.INK’s free service allows one custom domain and up to 1,000 branded links. To find out more about link shorteners’ paid plans and compare services, please read our article Top 5 Best Deals for URL Shorteners in 2020.

After your customize your link, your can edit it using link management services or track its success using detailed analytics. Which services you can access depends on both the link shortener and the plan you use. Be sure to thoroughly research your options before committing to a link shortener so you can get the services you need!

Overall, link customization and branded domains are an easy way to attract and secure customers. If you want your small URLs to appeal to the widest audience, then be sure to add branded links to your portfolio today! 

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