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How to Screenshot on Google Chromebook

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It is important to know how to take a screenshot no matter what computer platform you are using. You already know how to screenshot on Mac and Windows, but how do you take a screenshot on a Chromebook? In this article, you will learn how to take a screenshot on Chromebook. We will go over how to use keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot on Chromebook as well as the top screenshot extensions on Chromebook.

Screenshot on Chromebook: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Here’s how to screenshot on Google Chromebook.

To take a full-screenshot on Google Chromebook, press Shift + Windows Switch. To take a partial-screenshot, press Ctrl + Shift + Windows Switch. Then, use the crosshairs that appear to highlight the portion of your screen that you wish to capture. 

All screenshots are saved to your Downloads folder. To store your screenshots online, you have to upload them manually to Google Drive. Unlike Mac and Windows, Chromebook does not include any native screenshot markup apps. So, you will need to either use another tool to annotate your screenshots or download a different screenshot editor.

Best Apps for Taking a Screenshot on Chromebook

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Fortunately, there are several Chrome extensions available that can take, edit, and share screenshots. These screenshot extensions can be used on Mac and Windows as well with a Chrome browser, but they are absolutely vital on Chromebook since the platform has relatively weak native screenshot capabilities. Let’s go over both free and paid Chromebook screenshot extension options from the Chrome Web Store that let you take screenshots on Google Chrome.

Free Screenshot Chrome Extensions

For free apps, I recommend either Nimbus or FireShot. Nimbus’ Chrome extension lets you take full-screen, partial-screen, browser window, and rolling-page screenshots. After capturing your screen, you can annotate it with text, arrows, stickers, a highlighter, blurring, or cropping. Screenshots can be saved in JPG or PNG format, or as a PDF. In addition to your local drive, they can be saved to Nimbus Note, uploaded to Google Drive and Google Classroom, or shared with Slack. Nimbus also includes a screen recorder that you can use to take videos of your screen and with your webcam. 

FireShot on Chrome also lets you take both full- and partial-screenshots or your webpage. You can save them as either PNG, JPEG, or PDF files. PDF files also copy over any links from the webpage. FireShot doesn’t include any annotation tools in its free product, but your screenshots can be sent to Gmail, copied to your clipboard, or printed. Overall, FireShot doesn’t provide as many options as Nimbus, but it is useful for taking screenshots on Chrome web pages with links. 

Enterprise Screenshot Add-Ons for Chrome

If you need more features in your screenshot tool, such as high-level integrations, secure storage, and cloud sharing, you will have to pay for an app that includes a screenshot Google Chrome extension. Though several enterprise-level screenshot tools include Chrome extensions, we recommend our own tool, Droplr, as the highest-rated, lowest-priced screenshot app on the market. 

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Droplr’s Google Chrome extension lets you capture your full screen, a selected area, an application window, or an entire page. The moment you take your screenshot, Droplr generates a short link that can be used to access it online. To share your screenshot, all you have to do is paste this link. Several platforms, such as Slack, Gmail, and Microsoft Teams, let users preview Droplr screenshots in-platform so they can be viewed without leaving the app. Your screenshots remain saved in the Droplr cloud unless you delete them. 

Droplr integrates with various other work productivity apps such as Jira and Trello. You can also connect Droplr to the following image editing software: Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. This lets you use more tools to enhance your images, though Droplr does include a few markup tools of its own, including arrows, shapes, pencil, highlighter, text, emojis, and blurring.

Droplr features enterprise-level security, including SSO, SSL/TLS data transfer, and GDPR. You can also change the privacy settings on your files to require a password or limit access to members of your team. Droplr’s screenshot and screen recorder product begins at just $6/month. For more information, check out our pricing page or contact us online. 

What is the best way to screenshot on Google Chromebook?

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Though Chromebook’s keyboard shortcuts are adequate for quickly taking a basic screenshot, if you want to easily edit and share your screenshots, you are going to need a screenshot Chrome extension. The best screenshot app for Chrome is Droplr, as it saves screenshots to the cloud and lets you share them via short link. However, if you can’t afford Droplr’s low monthly fee, then there are several good free options available as well, such as Nimbus and FireShot.

If you would like to know how to take screenshots anywhere, check out 4 Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot.

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